About Our Business:
Express-Inks is your one stop premiere store for all your printers and printer supplies needs. Here at Express-Inks we utilize over 2 dozen manufacturers and distributors in the U.S. and overseas to bring you the lowest prices on top quality products.

What makes us different from the other guy?
Express-Inks individual attention ensures that you receive the best kind of product for you or  your company. A product that is great for one customer isn't always the right for another customer. Express-Inks high business standards are reflected in each & every product & services we offer.

How can we save you money?
We do not use just one supplier, we utilize over 2 dozen manufacturers & distributors to bring you the best prices. Our remanufactured products are priced up to 50% off new (OEM) product pricing. We also offer quantity discounts & special pricing levels for all our customers big and small.

What kind of cartridges do we sell?
Express-Inks carries over 1,000 different SKUs. Express-Inks carries high quality compatible, remanufactured and new (OEM) products. We have an extensive list of Inkjet, Laserjet, Copier, Fax cartridges, films & drums. We carry all major brands like HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Xerox, Lexmark, Dell & many more.

Quality of our remanufactured and compatible products:
Quality and consistency is the key to customer satisfaction!
Express-Inks has chosen only the best manufacturers and distributors that share our high standards of quality & reliability. Their consistent efforts toward perfection shows in each and every cartridge. Express-Inks performs stringent testing on products from each supplier before we give them our seal of approval.