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Rechargeable Batteries

These eco-friendly green products will save you money & reduce your carbon footprint!
These are just a samples of items that we offer. If you would like more information about products we offer, please contact us at anytime. Contact Us

Be responsible.
These carbon reducing green products are not only eco-friendly, but share in our vision of creating a business and manufacturing environment that revolves around being environmentally responsible. Everyday life offers many opportunities to take that extra step and never forget that we can make a difference. Remember conservation of the earth is everybody's responsibility.
How does Express-Inks help?
We implement many environmentally safe components into our day to day business. Some of steps we have taken include reusing shipping boxes, packing our boxes with recycled peanuts, electronically delivered invoices, sales confirmations, shipment notifications and recycling programs.
For more information on Express-Inks's "Green Initiative" Click Here!