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The HP 20 Black Inkjet Cartridges are designed for high quality prints at affordable prices.
Check out the HP 20 Black Inkjet Cartridge only $17.99.
Our HP 20 ink's compatibility is guaranteed or your money back!
These HP 20 inks will also consistently provide quality prints again and again.

The HP 20 ink cartridges are compatible with the following Hewlett Packard inkjet printers.
   * HP Fax 1020
   * HP Fax 1040
   * HP Fax 1050
   * HP Deskjet 610c
   * HP Deskjet 610cl
   * HP Deskjet 612c
   * HP Deskjet 632c
   * HP Deskjet 640c
   * HP Deskjet 642c
   * HP Deskjet 648c
   * HP Deskjet 656c

If you have any questions regarding these HP 20 inkjet cartridges, please contact us at any time.