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Iris HP #02 CIS
IRIS - Simply The Worlds Best Continuous Ink System!

What Is The Iris Continuous Ink System (CISS)?
   The Iris CISS is a revolutionary 2nd generation continuous ink system that works by feeding a steady flow of high quality ink to your printheads. The premium ink flows from high capacity storage cartridges that hold up to 25 times the amount of ink as the original cartridges. This system is installed in minutes without the use of needles or messy, easy to spill ink bottles!
Not All Continuous Ink Systems Are Created Equal!
   This remarkable technological breakthrough continuous ink system has taken Europe and Asia by storm and is now available in the U.S.. The Iris does not require dangerous needles, easy to spill ink bottles or have the unsightly look and feel of other CISS systems. The Iris's stylish professional housing, LED ink monitoring front panel looks and feels like a part of your printer and is perfect for at home or at the office.
Why Should You Buy The Iris CISS?
  • Save money! This CISS system holds up to 25 times the amount of ink of a regular ink cartridge.
  • The Iris only uses high quality premium ink, ensuring high quality prints each and every time.
  • Easy no mess installation. No easy to spill ink bottles or dangerous needles needed!
  • The Iris continuous ink system is plug and play ready! Installs in less than 5 minutes.
  • Stylish design is safe and secure, the Iris CISS is perfect for your home or at the office
  • Easy to read front panel LED lights monitor ink levels inside the Iris CIS.
  • Multiple USB ports allows you to the connect Iris to multiple devices.
  • The Iris CISS will not void your printers warranty.
  • The Iris does not require a chip re-setter.

  • HP #02 Iris Continuous Ink System
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    Iris CIS, HP #02 Photosmart Continuous Ink System

    What Included In The Box?
  • Iris CISS
  • Installation Video Guide on CD
  • Quick start guide
  • Fitting Accessories
  • USB Cable